• Rock My Heart by Garett Groves

    Rock My HeartRock My Heart by Garett Groves

    My rating: 3 of 5 stars

    I love rockstar romances but this one fell short for me. I didn’t get the warm and fuzzy romantic feelings between the characters. It all felt pretty bland. Even the point of contention between the MCs felt blah to me. I wanted more angst, more sweetness…more feeling all the way around. Also, the conflict between Darren and his dad wasn’t conveyed well. It was almost like an after thought. Perhaps dad’s character could have been developed more. Mom could have used more page time.

    Having said that, I did like the story and the characters. I just felt like the author didn’t take full advantage of the potential for this story.

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  • All of the Above by Quinn Anderson

    All of the AboveAll of the Above by Quinn Anderson

    My rating: 5 of 5 stars

    if you’re looking for a cute, sweet read, look no further. Brendon is adorably quirky, but not over-the-top. He’s someone I could actually imagine seeing working at a kiosk in my local mall. (In fact, I’ve probably met his doppleganger during the several years I spent suffering in the retail field.) The unique way the MCs get to know each other and their pinnacle date make my heart surge. I loved everything about this story and would definitely recommend to anyone, especially those who might need a pick-me-up. If you’re not smiling throughout and at the end, you’re a robot and have no feelings.

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