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Rick R. Reed has this amazing talent for creating real characters experiencing true-to-life situations. In his afterword, Reed describes how Andy, one of these MCs, is loosely based on his real life experiences, and that makes the story all the more compelling.

Part of the story is set in the 1980’s, my favorite decade., and I appreciated the 80’s music and style references. Reed perfectly conveys the complexity of being gay and Catholic at that time through Andy. In sharp contrast is Carlos, an out and proud former seminary student.

I enjoyed reading Andy and Carlos’ journey from missed connection to second chance. The story doesn’t focus so much on these two as a couple and in a relationship; rather, the focus is on each character’s growth and experiences as adults until their eventual reconnection. This allows the reader to get to know Andy and Carlos individually and not as two pieces of a whole. As we all know, life goes on, regardless of one’s attraction to another. Blink is a perfectly crafted story in that respect.

Life, death, illness, divorce, and failed and successful relationships are not merely plot devices in this story, but events that feel genuine and natural to the telling of Any and Carlos’ story. My only regret about this book is that it took me so long to read.

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