Learned Behaviors

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Older MCs? Single dads? Divorced bisexual with adult children? A story filled with characters of color written by an author of color?

Yes to all of the above, please!

I very much enjoy Jayce Ellis’ characters and stories. She creates rich, multi-dimensional characters that come alive on the page. The DC setting and surrounding areas are descriptive enough without being distracting.

Learned Behaviors is a great start to a series of single, Black queer men looking for love. I love that the MCs aren’t twenty-year-olds; they are older and have already established themselves in a career and know who they are. I enjoyed getting to know JaQuan and Matt and there journey to couple-dom. The adult children play an important role throughout the story without feeling out of place or merely there to provide drama.

The theme of family (biological and found) is strong in all of Ellis’ stories, and the same goes for Learned Behaviors. The author has nicely set up the next two books in the series, and I am ready for them!

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