My Crunchy Life

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***Copy provided by Embrace the Rainbow in exchange for an honest and impartial review.***

(Note: This review is going to refer to the trans character by both names (Julian/Julia) and both pronouns (he/her) as is done in the book.)

My Crunchy Life is told from the unique perspectives of two high school students: one transgender (Julian/Julia) and one wannabe hippie (Kale).

“But I know I’m a girl, even if my body tells the world a different story.”

Julian/Julia has to be one of my favorite characters. Jaded and fabulous and more mature than his/her classmates, he/she gives the reader insight into body dysphoria and the process of the early stages of transition. I loved the outward snarky attitude projected along with the moments of vulnerability. Julian is certain that he is Julia, and I admire that bravery.

“I’m just trying to understand what’s going on with me…when it comes to you.”

Kale’s confused, naive, and curious. He’s drawn to Julian/Julia and doesn’t know what that means for his sexuality. Kale is very much self absorbed and out of touch with what others are going through. His reaction to Julian in the beginning feels real. making his evolution throughout the book that much more genuine.

I enjoyed getting to know Julian/Julia and Kale and their journeys of growth and discovery. I think both perspectives were written well, and I wouldn’t say no to a follow up story to see where their lives have gone after high school.

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