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Savior is the second book in the 415 Ink series, following the second eldest brother, Mace. The first installment, Rebel, had me invested in all the brothers and their stories, so I was super excited to receive an ARC of Savior.

Mace’s background story broke my heart, and his strength and courage had me cheering him on. He’s met his match in Rob, who is the perfect blend of sass and support for Mace. Rob seems to know exactly what to say to Mace, once Mace gets his head out of his ass and stops being grumpy and standoffish with Rob. Rob brings out the loving and gentle side of Mace, sides that Mace didn’t think he deserved to show. And I appreciated getting to see Mace open himself up to his brothers with Rob’s encouragement. It becomes clear early on that not only are Rob and Mace attracted to each other, but they genuinely care about the well being of each other.

Ford crafts a story that is sweet, emotional, and tense, and I was hard pressed to put the book down. There was never a good stopping point! The diversity of the characters and neighborhoods made this a wonderful read. I very much enjoyed the bits of culture throughout.

The reader gets further glimpses into the lives of the remaining three brothers (Bear, Luke, and Ivo). The epilogue points to Ivo’s story being next, which I think I awesome as I’ve kinda made him my favorite. I am, however, anxious to know more about Bear and Luke, as well.

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