The James Dean Vintage

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m not a wine drinker. Mostly. In fact, wine is probably one topic that interests me the least. I’ve never watched the movie Sideways, and when everyone else is drinking wine, I go for a bloody Mary. I don’t know the difference between red and white (aside from color), dry and…not dry(?). I mostly think wine tastes gross.

Despite all of that, I jumped at the chance to read Jess Whitecroft’s new book that is all about wine. It’s a testament to her storytelling and writing skills that not for one moment was I bored or put off while reading this story. Sprinkled with pop culture references and featuring the most amazingly fascinating characters, Whitecroft crafts a stellar love story.

Dean is one of the most complicatedly lovable characters I’ve ever read. From beginning to end, the reader learns something new about him. And Oliver! Oh Oliver. I loved him too. Dean is a perfect match for Oliver’s unique personality.

I loved the development of their relationship from a one night stand to a fake marriage to a real relationship. And the humor! Whitecroft is a boss at making me laugh out loud while reading.

I don’t think there is any topic Whitecroft could write about that I wouldn’t read. She’s an amazing writer and has quickly become my favorite, one-click author.

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