The Love Study

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I’m officially declaring The Love Study my favorite read of 2020. There is nothing–absolutely nothing–I didn’t love about this story.

Declan and Sidney are delightfully awkward, and I enjoyed every single one of their interactions. Their conversations are intellectual, and they learn a ton about each other at the start that two people wouldn’t normally find out about their potential partner/friend upon first meeting.

I love how unconventional their relationship is, and how Declan’s personal evolution and relationship with Sidney throughout the book helps him to see that what works for him is not what the majority of the world would view as a “traditional” relationship. I also love that Declan’s fear of commitment also extends to his career–office temp for life!–and how he find a balance between temporary and permanent that works well for him in the end.

Sidney is a fantastic character. They dole out relationship advice on their YouTube channel but seem to need some guidance themselves with their budding relationship with Declan. (Is it weird to say that I have a bit of a crush on them? Seriously, they are just AMAZING.)

They even have the perfect view on Valentine’s Day that succulently describes my feelings for the wretched holiday:

“I feel nothing about Valentine’s Day. it has no relevance to me at all. It’s part of a pre=formed idea of what a relationship is supposed to look like and it means nothing to me.”

Declan’s group of friends, the Marginalized Motherfuckers, is a treat as well. The diversity represented in each member of the group (and other side characters) is refreshing and rounds out the story.

I highly recommend The Love Study to anyone searching for a different take on romance.

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