Third One

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Pardon me while I gulp down this giant glass of ice water.

The heat in Third One is off the flipping charts. The three guys are perfectly in sync. Liam starts off as a difficult one to crack. I loved getting inside his head and watching him fall for Luke. Luke is a tortured soul. His love for Marcus puts him at odds with Liam. His restraint and longing are what torture him. The build up is worth it when he lets go and allows the two men to welcome him into their arms. Marcus is the sensitive one. His devotion to Liam, while wholly reciprocated, is complicated by his feelings for Luke. Horvat never disappoints. The sexy times are fresh and new and add depth to each character. Third One isn’t simply erotica; it’s a touching love story between three men who fill a void for each other that makes their relationship complete.

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