Trans Figured: My Journey from Boy to Girl to Woman to Man

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TW/CW for rape/sexual assault, physical abuse, emotional abuse, transphobia, homophobia, body dysphoria, drug use…I’m probably overlooking some.

Trans Figured is Brian Belovitch’s true story of growing up and becoming an adult as a transgender person during a time when being different was not only frowned upon, but dangerous at times.. It’s a heavy read, one rife with difficult topics.

Brian’s chronicle of his evolution from a cherub child to transgender woman to a gay man is at times both fabulous and heart-wrenching. His story is filled with abusive family members, celebrity cameos, nefarious friends and acquaintances, and unexpected fairy godmothers/fathers.

How one lived through everything he experienced and made it out in one piece is a mystery. Brian is very candid in relating all the good and bad events from his life. He doesn’t sugarcoat any of the roadblocks and pit stops on his journey. No doubt he has lived an exciting and varied life.

Brian gives the reader a unique insight into his account of his inner turmoil of his outward appearance not matching his internal identity and his struggle to adapt to his changing circumstances. Lack of stability and ulterior motives of the people he wants to trust form and influence his bumpy journey. One can’t help but think if one particular event didn’t occur or if one particular person didn’t cross his path or treat him a certain way, his life might have turned out quite differently.

But his story isn’t all bad. He does form great, positive relationships that help him repair the damage, In the end, he flourishes. Sometimes you have to go through the bad to get to the good.

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