Worth Trying

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Worth Trying is the second installment of the Without Precedent series. I enjoyed Worth It and was curious to see how the author would redeem Innes. He came off as selfish, inconsiderate, and cruel at times in the first book. Getting his perspective in the second book was enlightening. Every character has a back story that shapes their actions and motivations. Innes’ back story is more angsty than I expected. He’s not completely the self-absorbed rich guy I thought I knew. His relationship with his daughter is complicated and adds to the complexity and growth of his character.

The other MC, Charlie, surprised me as well. At the beginning, I got the impression that he’s not as determined and strong as he truly is. He also has a complicated relationship with a woman in his life, his mother. I wish the author gave more background on her parents to help understand her and Charlie’s situation better. I like how fierce and determined he is, and how he looks out for others. He’s a good match for Innes and can keep up with Innes step to step.

I’ve enjoyed this series and hope to see more from this author.

***Thanks to GRR and the author for an advanced copy in exchange for a an honest review.***

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