A Boy at the Edge of the World

I’ve been struggling with how to formulate my thoughts about this book and how to word my review. When I first started reading, I had trouble getting into the story. The author just jumps into the story with not much of an introduction, at least it felt that way to me. So, I put the book aside with the intention of coming back around to it when I felt I could give it the attention it deserved for an honest review. The second time was a bit better than the first. But, as I progressed further into the book, I lost connection with the characters and story. So much happens in this book and the author jumps from one plot point to the next, I was left wondering what I should focus on and what I should push to the side. And there are so many minor characters and love interests that I had trouble keeping everyone straight in my head. Basically, this book is what I imagine someone with ADHD goes through on a daily basis. There’s lots of jumping from one thing to the next, again, having me question what’s really important to the overall plot. Perhaps the author’s intention was for everything to be important and, if so, that’s not the kind of book for me as my overworked brain couldn’t handle it. I think this book would have held my interest better if it were in a journal or diary format because it kinda reads like that to me.

Overall, I felt the book went off on too many tangents for me to connect with anything but the sub-plots (there didn’t seem to be a main plot) had the potential to be interesting. .

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