Extraordinary Things

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My favorite boys are back!

Caleb and Leo, the OG Star Shadow couple, are back again with a continuation of their lives after a second chance at massive success. Everyone is paired off and living their HEAs. Caleb and Leo head off to Fiji for a vacation. Well, a working vacation for Caleb. He’s recording a solo album!

I loved getting a view of Caleb’s thoughts, feelings, and struggles In Extraordinary Things. He’s still carrying his baggage from his addiction and the damage he caused to his personal and professional relationships.

He was just a mediocre bass player in an ex-boyband, an addict who’d never truly recovered.

My heart was broken and mended and ripped apart again…just to be put right back together again. Caleb is the hardest on himself out of anyone in his circle. Some of the damage is still there, lurking in the background; but, for the most part, the boys in the band have forgiven him and have moved on.

Some of the best parts are the Interludes where the reader gets Caleb’s POV of scenes from Terrible Things.

Bolden creates perfect harmony in writing Caleb’s process of recording his solo album and his working through his remaining issues. These two things went hand and hand, making Caleb and Leo, and Caleb and his bandmates, stronger in the end.

Extraordinary Things was a lovely send-off for Caleb and Leo, and Star Shadow.

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