Hazardous Things

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Max and Felix! Felix and Max! My anticipation for their story was off the charts! Max has the laid back vibe and Felix is the confident, sassy, go-getter. They were bound to make a great pair. And they do; however, I felt the coupling was anti-climatic. For me, I wanted more awkwardness, more angst, to go along with the incident that leads to Max and Felix discussing hooking up. It felt more like “yeah, whatever” rather than “oh wow, what do I do”. I expected more uncertainty, more back and forth. Also, the introduction of the animosity between Felix and Camden felt forced/contrived only for the purpose of inserting a conflict. I just didn’t get it. The “I love you”s also felt uneventful. more matter-of-fact than HOLY REVELATION, BATMAN! I did enjoy reading Hazardous Things. I adore the guys of Star Shadow, and this installment is no exception. I think I just had different expectations going in. I’ll give it some time and pick it back up to start again. A reread might change my mind. ARC received from Gay Book Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

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