Never Let Me Go

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I don’t think this book was my cup of tea, but I did manage to read to the end.

I hate the way Bradley treated Rory at the beginning. It’s one thing to dislike someone or not get along, it’s another thing to be a bully and cruel. And cruel is exactly what Bradley is to Rory, hurling awful names at Rory and even punching him in the nose.

Bradley admits, “Rory might have been a loser but he was the definition of perfection…” This quote pretty much summarizes the entire story. Bradley is one of the most unlikable MCs I’ve ever read. Seems his self-hatred for his own sexuality is projected into his treatment of Rory.

Poor Rory. He such a doormat. I think I could have liked him had he stuck up for himself more. Instead, he pretty much takes whatever Bradley dishes out.

While I understand this story is supposed to be about a D/s relationship (and while I have never been in anything close to a D/s relationship nor do I want to be), it doesn’t feel like Bradley and Rory are equals in their connection, something which I think is critical in this type of dynamic. Really, it comes down to my inability to forgive and accept Bradley’s mistreatment of Rory, and Rory’s complacency and lack of self respect.

The adults in this story were disappointing as well. The parents’ reaction to the two sharing a bed without being clued in beforehand (in the parent’s home, no less!) and one teacher’s candidness of his own sexual experiences to his students put me off big time.

There were some sweet moments between Bradley and Rory but none could redeem Bradley in my eyes.

So, while I did not enjoy this book, someone else might.

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