The Falcon and the Foe

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Single dads, who are complete opposites, end up in a “there was only one bed!” scenario?

While I found Cal and Russ to be just fine as characters and the book a good set up for a series, I wasn’t too sure about the story as a whole. There are a lot of side characters introduced (some of them may be from the author’s previous works and others seem like they will be featured in the next books in the series), and I had trouble keeping everyone straight in my head. At one point, I found myself skimming through the scenes with the Single Dads Club because I had forgotten who was who.


Russ is portrayed as super uptight and overly cautious, so I was confused with some of the choices he made.when he took Cal ziplining I was so confused. I can’t imagine anyone who immediately comes up with every terrible, life-altering scenario when his kid does something as simple as climbing a tree would willingly propel themselves across an expanse of wooded area hundreds of feet in the air. This date did not fit his character.

Also, the sexy time talk came off as cheesy and corny. The “oh, baby”s were too much for me.

Unfortunately, The Falcon and the Foe was not for me.

***Thanks to Gay Romance Reviews and the author for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.***

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