Trick Roller

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If I thought Kill Game, the first in the Seven of Spades series, was extraordinary, Trick Roller is phenomenal. Installment two continues to follow Levi and Dominic’s developing relationship. Their chemistry is off the charts and the sex is scorching. Levi’s obsession with the Seven of Spades reaches a critical point, and puts his job and relationship with Dominic in jeopardy.

The reader gets a further peak into Dominic’s neighbors and their family, which adds a wonderful dimension to the story without taking away from the thrilling suspense. Everyone thinks the Seven of Spades case was resolved with the death of the main suspect in the first installment. However, Levi knows in his gut the killer is still out there. Dominic also has his hands full as he starts a journey to his new career as a PI.

As the two grow closer, more of their personalities come out. Their feelings for each other are written so well that they come across as genuine. They are fiercely loyal to each other and perfectly compliment the other. As Levi and Dominic continue to deal with their own personal demons, they begin to lean on each other for support. Their vulnerabilities invoke empathy and there’s no way not to root for these two. The building romance hooked me and the suspense kept me on my toes.

The cliffhanger at the end of Trick Roller is even more awesome than the one at the end of Kill Game. I haven’t been this stoked about a series in a while, and now I have to wait patiently for April 30th when book 3, Cash Plays, is released.

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